We help businesses generate customers

By providing services and saas tools to automate customer acquisition through Linkedin and personalized email sequences

What we do

We build your lead base and create an optimized conversion funnel using email campaign automation.


we analyse, help you define your goals and create a strategy


we help you find your ideal customer by generating leads via linkedin


we help you convert leads into customers. follow-up emails

How it works

The right plan

Together, we determine your customer persona, business goals

We create a growth plan that meets your needs, whether it’s B2B or B2C sales.

The right prospects

We take care of the prospecting process. We search only for the right people – prospects that match the target profile.
We collect email leads from LinkedIn, based on your preferences and filters.

The right content

We create the right content, ready-to-use email campaign.

Email setup

To make sure that your emails do not finish in the spam box we take care of the technical part that includes: email blacklist removal, the domain set-up

Email warmup

To keep your email reputation high and make sure your emails reach the inbox we warmup your email account by:
sending individual emails to various email services
gradually increasing the number of emails
keeping reasonable gap between emails
replaying to your emails

Email outreach

We make sure your emails get read and your prospects take positive action by

automating the process

sending follow-up emails

tracing open and click rate


we analyze and choose the best performing subject lines and content

we monitor open, click and reply rate

Segmentation and Suppression

We create automation that chooses people who will receive your emails and stop other people from receiving them by sorting them by lists


Once we find the perfect combination of target, message and ROI, we can help you scale your sales

Get new leads and engage with them with meaningful email conversations.