10 Benefits of Live Chat for providing amazing Customer Support Service

10 Benefits of Live Chat

Customers nowadays are looking for a personalized experience to get their problems solved as quickly as possible. People do not like to wait and according to data from Capterra, nearly 52 percent of people often abandon their carts if they can’t find quick solutions to their problems. In this modern era, over 80 percent of consumers are willing to pay more money if they are being provided a better customer service experience. Implementing a Live Chat on your website can help you provide a better customer experience that people are looking for.

Here are 10 reasons why you should implement live chat on your website.

1. Provide the best customer support

So let us not beat around the bush and start with the main purpose of implementing live chat for your business which is to provide the best customer support possible. By placing a chat widget on your website, your website visitors are just one click away from reaching out to you in case they face any issue while they are on your website. The other methods for customers to reach out to you via email or a service support telephone number take much more time and many businesses lose valuable customers in the process. Implementing a live chat for your business is a much beneficial option.

2. Create conversations

With a live chat tool, you have the power to design the flow of conversations that will occur with your customers. Using a chatbot builder you can design what questions will precede and succeed in any conversation after each reply received by the customer. These chatbot makers have a user-friendly drag and drop interface and require absolutely no coding to build them. The chatbots developed will be there to provide support to every incoming website visitor and guide them whenever they need help thus reducing the risk of a high bounce rate.

3. Gather Useful Information

Mostly during the beginning of any conversation, you can design a fill-up form for the customer to enter their details such as their name, age, place of residence, gender, email id, etc. to better place the customer in their journey and be in a position to guide them. When you have an idea about the person you are communicating with, you would be able to provide the personalized options best suited to them. By gathering this information, you can create a pool of data to refer back to in order to recognize important leads and reach out to them with offers curated especially for them.

4. Help Complete Purchases

It is found that many times customers navigate well through your website but make their exit just when they are in the middle of making a purchase. There are many steps leading to purchase that confuse the customer and disrupt their user experience. This could be any step like adding a delivery address or adding a bank card, etc. They exit your site and move on to your competitors. With a live chat, you can easily guide them through all the steps and helps them complete their purchases. Every successful purchase will boost your sales and result in happy customers.

5. Provide support 27×7

One of the biggest problems of running an online business is keeping your business open to visitors 24 hours a day. But let’s face it, maintaining communication and providing support to every website visitor at all times of the day is very difficult even if you have a group of people that are appointed for this specific task. With live chat implemented on your website, the chatbot will make sure that support and guidance are provided to each person visiting the website 24×7, so you can keep your business open to the world 24 hours a day with complete assurance that your bot will be there to receive people coming to visit your shop.

6. Assign live agents

With the use of a live chat tool, you have the option to assign live sales agents to customers and leads that you feel require additional assistance or on occasions when website visitors wish to speak to an actual person instead of communicating with a bot. In that case, the live chat tool provides you the option of deactivating the bot and handing over the control to a live sales agent.

You as an administrator will have the power to assign your most skilled and talented agents. These agents receive an invitation to a chat room on the live chat platform or an online collaboration software that contains a live chat tool where they converse in real-time with the customer to close the deal and boost your sales.

7. Social media connectivity

Most of the latest and upcoming live chat platforms come equipped with the feature of connecting with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. so that you can connect with your customers and incoming website traffic on the social media channels that they love communicating on. As many times help and offers are provided via text and infographics, so it comes down to people’s preferences to increase overall customer engagement time and eventually conversions. Thus, reaching out to people on their favorite social channels is a proven method to initiate the process.

8. Provide a unique experience

With the ability to reach out to people on different communication channels, design AI-powered bots, and use the human touch simultaneously, you are only limited by your imagination. Based on your products, market, and the knowledge of your customers, you can create the most unique experiences using the live chat tool. For example, you can create a complete website for delivering instantly created AI postcards for your customers just by initiating a small conversation between the customer and chatbot without the customer having to navigate your website.

Another good example would be a chatbot presenting a list of items to the website visitor that he or she may be interested in and help them choose the product, add it to the cart and finalize the payment. All of this can be achieved without the visitor having to go through any of the actual steps. So as stated, how you design your bots will solely depend upon your business needs to uniquely serve your customers.

9. Build long-lasting customer relationships

Nowadays as a majority of products in any concerned industry are similar to each other, customers are looking for brands and companies to provide them with the best services offered along with the products they are acquiring. With live chat, you have an opportunity to do just that. By constantly being there for your customers, providing them support at every step of their buyer’s journey you build trust with them. Whenever they complete any task on your website or with the use of your products and services, that trust will grow and you will build a sustainable long-standing relationship with them. Not only that, also there are high chances that they will recommend you to others as well.

10. Reduce Costs

When in a physical store, it is nearly impossible to assign a sales agent to two different customers at the same time, but this can be achieved by implementing live chat for your online businesses. A sales agent can easily control conversations in different chat rooms with different customers with the help of easy-to-use chat platforms provided by live chat tools. Thus, by requiring fewer people to manage customers you can eventually cut down valuable operating costs. Additionally, the developed chatbot is also present to serve all customers alike, saving you money at the same time.

All set to try out live chat for your business

Try Tekos today. Tekos is an online collaboration tool that is designed to cater to the above-listed needs and much more. With Tekos solutions, you get an instant messaging chat platform for your business, a feature available to embed live chat for your website, and design and automate workflows.

You can design chatbots as per your needs, embed live chat, and communicate with customers using the Tekos Teams Chat platform- all of it in one place. See how you can deliver that unique experience that customers are looking for and gain an edge over your competitors.

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