10 ways how online collaboration tools can quickly boost your business

online collaboration tools

Need for team collaboration tools

Team collaboration platforms are becoming widely popular with an increase in the population working from home and also working remotely.

In the age of startups, people are aiming for humbling beginnings from their home workstations. On account of this, using a good and efficient team collaboration tool can go a long way in helping to expand your business.

Online collaboration tools

An online collaboration tool is basically a virtual office with your tools and resources to help you work and communicate effectively with your team whether you are working from your home, working remotely, or even if you are sitting in your chair at the office.

A collaboration platform makes handling or management of tasks and overall projects much easier.

In the current times, with the world in such a turbulent situation post-Covid, working from home and remote work has become the norm in many countries and with this change upon us, the demand for online collaborative tools has skyrocketed. People who weren’t using them earlier are now realizing the seamlessness of executing tasks.

Ways how online collaborative tools can boost your business:

1. Management and organizing

In this age where data is regarding as a new currency altogether, how well does your team manage your organization’s data? One of the biggest advantages of a collaborative solution is the ease with which you and your teammates have access to the data available.

An online collaborative platform allows multiple team members to work simultaneously on documents and provides you a place to store all your data in one place.

Every team member can access the documents and as an administrator, you will have the power to control the authorization access limits for each member of your team.

With an online collaborative tool, you can abolish the old practice of saving heavy files on your system, empowering them to run at full efficiency.

2. Effective and meaningful conversations

Online collaboration addresses a huge problem faced by many companies which is communication via emails. Communicating with your team members over emails has proven to be a slow process. Many times, you fail to receive the right information at the right time through emails.

chat interface display


The above scenario is not the case when you are using an online collaborative tool.

On such platforms, you converse with your team members in designated chat rooms or windows which are created for specific company missions.

Here, in the chat rooms, the conversations flow smoothly and instantaneously like they would if you were to converse with your friends and family on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

3. Tracking of workflows

In absence of an online collaborative solution, does your team face issues when figuring out whether or not they have the most current version of the document they are working on, or does your inbox have various versions of a single document to display to you?

Well, then it’s high time you get a collaborative solution for your business wherein, any team member involved in any specific task will be able to view the most recent version of the document in that designated room and will also be able to see the history of updates made to the document to know better how to proceed.

This eliminates any risk of confusion occurring between teammates and everyone onboard is updated with the latest changes taking place.

workflow automation display
4. Maximum team engagement

With user-friendly chat interfaces and powerful video conferencing features, the online collaborative tools create an environment for everyone to voice their opinion which is often not the case in actual physical meetings where the majority of the talking is done by senior team members.

Online collaborative tools are a great way to receive feedback as well.

As mentioned earlier, these tools provide chat rooms, so whenever a topic is raised for discussion and people see comments start to flow in, they naturally start to comment back. Henceforth flows an insightful conversation that’ll benefit your business.

Following this practice, you can increase the level of engagement among your teammates and expect some of the best inputs from them.

5. Maintain good client and partner relations

Online collaborative platforms not only help you get in sync with your teammates and employees, but you can also use them to connect with your partners, clients, and stakeholders.

You can set up communication with any of them on these platforms and allow them to view the progress of the projects they are concerned with.

At the same time, they can provide their feedback and share their further requirements if any.

Through these platforms, you, your clients, and partners can be in constant communication with a clear channel setup.

6. Efficient task management

When you and your team have to deal with a lot of projects at a single time it can difficult to manage each one as smoothly as the other.

Keeping a track of the progress, having one eye on the deadline, prioritizing the tasks that are most important for your business; things like these can be difficult to control especially when working with large groups of people.

Image to display task management feature of online collaboration tools.


This is where online collaboration tools can help you ease the process. By assigning different roles to team members and prioritizing tasks you can track every movement. So, when the deadline approaches, you have everything organized as needed.

7. Cross-Functional environment

For any ongoing project, there are various skills and expertise required to complete it which means there are people of varied skillsets required to come together to produce work that brings success. But a majority of companies face the problem of ineffective communication between their different departments.

Many times, lack of information flowing between teams results in lackluster products.

With the use of online collaborative tools, this can be prevented. People from different teams can work on a document together and share their feedback simultaneously and everybody is connected in one workspace.

8. Managing distributed teams

Most of the large corporations have teams distributed all over the globe which are required to effectively work together on various fronts for many projects.

There needs to be effective communication taking place keeping in mind the time differences across different countries and also the continuous flow of data.

This can be easily achieved with the use of an online collaborative tool that will help you manage cross-border business operations and bring employees working in different parts of the world closer and promote a healthy working culture.

9. Cost-efficient

If you are running a startup, or have a small team, are a group of remote workers, creators of digital products; then online collaborative tools are a must-have commodity for you and your team in today’s times.

If your business doesn’t require four people to sit together and work, then you can save yourself some serious money and cut down heavy budgets on expensive office spaces with the aid of online collaboration tools.

There are different types of collaborative solutions available in the market to suit different business needs and many of them offer personalized services as well for their clients.

The key criteria to consider for small businesses looking to invest in a team collaboration tool is to obtain a tool that won’t burn their pockets. There are many tools offering the desired services who are indulging themselves especially to help small businesses.

10. Save valuable time

So, in short, it all comes down to this. Online collaborative solutions help you save time when in turn helps you save cost.

In many large and even medium scale companies, a huge amount of time is spent in meetings. Meetings with team members, employees, members of different departments, clients, partners, stakeholders, and the list stretch on.

Usually, a lot of time is spent just having to be physically present in all the meetings mentioned above.

By using an online collaborative tool this valuable time can be saved. You can contribute to your team’s success from anywhere with online collaborative solutions.

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