5 Benefits of WhatsApp live chat to generate leads

Benefits of WhatsApp

With a presence in 180 countries, used by over 2 billion people in 60 different languages WhatsApp is the most used messaging platform in the world having almost 1.6 billion average monthly active users.

So, in whichever country and industry you have your business set up, there are great chances that your customers and prospects will already be using WhatsApp for general communication purposes in their normal workaday lives.

By choosing to implement WhatsApp live chat on your business website you can smartly generate leads and gain an advantage over your competitors.

Let us see the benefits of implementing live chat for WhatsApp to generate leads
1. Collect User Data

When you connect with your prospects on WhatsApp you have a great opportunity to gather invaluable user data pertaining to them that can help you present personalized offers and provide help in the best possible way.

When you get a new contact through WhatsApp, you will automatically receive some information regarding the user such as their phone number and their business details. This can help you determine how well does your product aligns with the needs of your prospects.

In addition to this, there is a wide variety of rich UI components that you can take advantage of to gather maximum information about the users which will help you identify them as good leads.

For example, you can present a navigational menu to better understand the user’s preferences, adaptive cards, and quick reply questions coupled with call-to-action buttons to understand their behavior. This will help managers understand the user’s current stage in his or her buyer’s journey and then they can appropriately help them make informed decisions.

2. Provide 24×7 Support

If you are running an overseas business and trying to generate leads using social channels, then it is very important that you are available to provide support 24 hours a day.

To delight your website visitors seeking help, you can design a chatbot and add it to your live chat widget on WhatsApp. In doing so, your designed bot will guide your customers and leads to solve their problems and provide the best solution in real-time.

By creating a chatbot specifically for WhatsApp you empower your prospects to reach out to your business on the platform they love to use every day, or in order words, where chances to engage with them will be much higher.

3. Automate Tasks

The use of a chatbot is not only limited to providing support to your website traffic 24×7, but it can also be designed to automate tasks as per your convenience.

To design a chatbot, you won’t require any type of coding skills thankfully with the use of no-code drag and drop visual chatbot builders.

These drag and drop visual builders will help you create AI-powered smart conversational bots with which you can automate your communication and other desired actions on the channel under concern.

An example of it would be automating your tasks with dialog flows such as directly adding new contacts to your CRM system if you have it integrated or conducting the qualification process for your leads.

4. Increase Conversions

By choosing WhatsApp to generate leads, you can provide one-to-one communication to your users to fulfill their needs.

As WhatsApp is the platform chosen by your potential clients to communicate with your business, they feel a sense of comfort and control when using it.

So, when you use WhatsApp to leverage it for various business activities, it does not feel like an action forced upon the prospect. They reply at the time of day they are comfortable with and slowly start to develop a relationship with your business which then lies in your hands to nurture.

For example, if you run an e-commerce website, where after a client is facing difficulty in finding the right set of alternatives for a product, you can help the client finalize a product from a list of items you present to them. Further, guide them through the payment process and confirm the date and address of delivery to smoothly finish the process and lead a client to the end of the funnel.

Another good example would be a medical clinic, where you could help patients schedule appointments, send out personalized prescriptions, payments, and settlements- all via communication on WhatsApp.

5. Privacy and Data Security

As mentioned at the beginning that WhatsApp is the most used messaging platform in the world which means that people highly trust it when it comes to communicating over digital platforms.

Not only that, but the developers of WhatsApp have also kept in place strict rules to preserve people’s data by providing end-to-end encryption and laying out stringent rules for holders of WhatsApp business pages in order to prevent spamming, cluttering, and forceful marketing by companies.

All of this points out that people feel safe while using WhatsApp and you as a business owner can leverage that trust and safety for your business to generate leads and keep your existing clientele satisfied.

Setting up communication via live chat on your webpage versus setting up communication via live chat to your WhatsApp page can generate an entirely different number of leads and happy customers. Especially when we consider prospects, communication on your website will be a new experience for them whereas communicating on WhatsApp would be something many of them do every day.

Get WhatsApp live chat for your Business today

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