7 strategies to improve digital communication in the work environment

digital communication in the workplace

Communication is one of the key building pillars for any successful relationship, be it in our personal or professional lives. Since, the growing trend of people moving towards working remotely and earning from their homes is on the rise, the role of communication in organisations has become more vital than ever before.

For companies with remote workers and work from home employees, it is absolutely necessary to have means of digital communication set up between various team members and even for cross-departmental communication. Well, for the basics, there are always the traditional digital methods to communicate in a work setting such as text and audio chats, emails and video calls and conferences.

Keeping in mind, that we live in a world where data is considered as a new form of currency altogether, managing the data via traditional digital communication techniques is becoming cumbersome for majority of the players in the market. Let’s see how we can improve digital communication for our business to increase our efficiency and yield favourable business results.

Implement a new digital communication platform

Newer technological advancements being introduced year after year have immensely bridged the gap between the communication shortcomings faced during earlier times. Today, there are a number of software vendors and firms into the business of developing collaboration platforms for seamless team communication.

These platforms can be used to bring your entire team in one place allowing team members to initiate chats with each other, create team rooms, share and store data, manage your everyday business activities and even create new products.

Implementing one such software for your business will help you in saving valuable time and money while resulting in maximum employee engagement simultaneously.

Train your workforce on the platform

Keeping in the mind the post pandemic times we are living in currently, implementing a new digital communication software for your business would be a vital step in your mission to improve communication among your employees. But your job does not end there.

The next step is to get your employees acquainted with the software in order to reap the benefits that accompanies such platforms because even if you implement a cutting-edge solution for your business it is of no use until your employees know how to use it to their advantage.

As a buyer, make sure that platform you purchase provides tutorials, guides, product documentation, customer support and assistance.

Schedule meetings and team conferences

A new normal that the world is experiencing is that everybody is working at a time that suits them best, meaning the 9am to 6pm work schedule is becoming obsolete over time. This new flexibility poses a huge challenge to organise team meetings and draw important business conclusions together.

To improve communication on this front, managers can use team collaboration platforms and task management tools to inform employees beforehand about important meetings. The tools can be used for daily check-ins and indicate future availability of employees as well.

Set up 1-to-1 communication

Apart from creating team rooms and initiating regularly scheduled meetings, managers and even all team members should set up 1-to-1 communication with each other in private rooms for instant messaging and calls.

As managers if you create a healthy interactive digital environment for your team than you will be able to derive maximum engagement from their part.

By setting up direct communication with every team member on a digital communication platform you and your team can continue working uninterruptedly no matter where each one is located.

Screen sharing and video calls

Advanced team collaboration tools allow you to engage in video calls with an option of sharing the screen. There are many such platforms available that allow you to host or join meetings, send files and even record important discussions for future reference.

Screen sharing is an important feature to have when explaining difficult tasks, responsibilities, outcomes and expectations especially when you don’t have the option of conversing face-to-face.

All of this can be achieved easily with the aid of such tools which will result in enhanced communication and improved team collaboration.

Adopt effective communication techniques

It is important to remember that digital communication can sometimes be a source of distraction. For example, replying to how was your evening wouldn’t take a second in a face-to-face conversation although finding the right emoji on a chat platform make take a minute.

That is valuable time lost from the team’s and ultimately, company’s perspective. So, make sure to keep the text messages short and to the point. This does not mean that you start to treat your employees like robots who just reply back to your demands.

Initiate daily greetings with your team members over voice and video calls which, as stated, will save everyone’s time.

Promote feedback culture

With your work environment communication transforming digitally, it is easy for employees to often feel confused about various business processes and task currently under progress. Simply receiving tasks and providing submissions on their part, employees may tend to feel left out.

As managers, you can organise weekly feedback sessions with your team members to let them have their say and share their thoughts and ideas. You can enlighten them on some processes that they are not up to date with or encourage them to share their insights on some ongoing projects.

Thinking about implementing a team collaboration platform for your business?

Try Tekos today. Tekos is an online collaboration tool that is designed to execute the above listed strategies and much more. With Tekos solutions, you get an instant chat messenger, a feature to make calls, organise meetups, communicate with customers and automate workflows- an all-in-one powerful team collaboration platform.

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