Modern, practical, easy-to-use and the most important – efficient messaging and collaboration platform launched in 2018.

Tekos brings together teams and tools which guarantee a job well done.

Help your team be more productive and efficient.

It all started in 2017, when Miled, the former finance engineer at La Defense in Paris, started developing his first chatbots.

Managing his own company and communicating with his team required a good organization. The good old emails were not always the best solution.
Swiching between different communication tools was sometimes the source of disorder.

That’s why, at Tekos, we decided to meet this need for good organization at work and we started to develop the Tekos messaging platform, equipped with Flow that allow you easily create your own bot to better organize your workflow.

So began Tekos Messenger. Our evolving answer to how we believe modern teams will work.

We welcome you to be part of our growing Tekos community and help shape features of our platform.

Whilst we can not resolve all the world’s problems, we can help you with those work and team related.

So, here is the peek on what you can do with our platform and how it can help you to improove your work.

  • Bring together your teammates, their tools and workflows on one platform.

  • Share all types of files and find them easily.
  • Get on a video call directly from within a chat or channel.
  • Add guests on Tekos and specify the chats and channels they can access.
  • Collaborate with everyone in one place.
  • Share important news and updates with the entire team via one-way Announcement channels.
  • Integrate your most frequently used third-party apps.

  • Build your own apps and integrations via the Tekos API.
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