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Create Conversational Apps and Bots without coding, using Tekos Flow, the visual chatbot builder.

Automate communication and actions on different contact channels.





Mobile Apps


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Microsoft Teams
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Create a Flow Instance using TekosBot

or install the open-source version using docker

Get your Bot credentials

from Tekos public home server (, or use your own home server

Iterate and deploy your App

on public matrix client (riot fork, ready for bots experience), or get your own customized chat client

Apps includes Chatbots, Virtual Assistant, Live Chats, Conversational Experiences & more

Chatbot Builder: Tekos Flow

Visual Drag & Drop Editor

Build your app with no coding skills using a Visual Flow Editor – the most powerful visual editor ever. Create your bot in the blink of an eye!

Create intelligent conversational apps faster and easier with Tekos visual chatbot builder. No coding required. A true what you see is what you get experience.

Flow Powered by Open Source

Tekos visual chatbot builder is based on Node-RED, so you can learn and improve with a community of over a thousand developers. Powered by node.js, you can build reusable code for any function and share it with the world.

Connect Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services

Brands now need to move at the speed of the customer – which means rapid response and fast resolution with low customer effort.
Fortunately, next-gen technology can fill in the gaps to better meet customer demands. And the Conversational Bot, build with Tekos visual chatbot builder, is an excellent first step on your path to digital transformation

Endless possibilities & connectors

With visual chatbot builder easily integrate your favorites apps to your Tekos workspace to improve your workflow. Connect data from all your applications to create a great user experience. Your team can choose the platform you’re designing for, design custom conversation flows, define and configure external integrations, and analyze user behavior.

Building Your Own Integration

Anyone can build a custom integration. All you need is a basic knowledge of APIs.

Already built an integration?

If you’d like to have your integration listed on our integrations page, please contact our support team for consideration.

The Client Interface

Rich Components UI

Interactive visual cards

Extend your chatbot possibilities with adaptive cards and provide a richer and easier interaction experience to the user.

Adaptive Cards offer a wide range of interactivity:  dropdowns, text boxes, speech, CTA buttons, and individual sections that can be dynamically shown or hidden, payments, appointments, images carousel, videos.

Third-Party UI Integrations

Collect Payments

Your Bot can take payments for you. Simply connect a payment processor, like Stripe, provide some basic information to Tekos.

Key Features Include:
  •  Set amount and currency to charge
  •  Make payment part of the conversation flow
  •  If successful payment, branch to deliver different content
  •  Tekos takes no portion of the payment

Progressive Web App

Impress visitors with your PWA’s speed and flexibility

PWAs lets your site offer the best app-like experience on every desktop or mobile device they are opened on. There is no need to install them and you can use them offline, giving them an advantage over regular native apps.

Everyone has ideas, but can they turn them into reality? A low-code chatbot builder platform enables both technical professionals and citizen developers to create high-impact enterprise apps.

Looking to empower your team to build apps without coding, up to 80% quickly?

What you can do with Tekos Chatbot Builder Platform

Connect Apps & Objects & Automate Workflows

Create complex workflows spanning across multiple apps in minutes. Add delay, conditional logic, format data and do much more.
Send notifications to Tekos Chat

Integrate AI Services

Empower your App with AI services, like Natural Language processing or Computer vision
Control them using a powerful dashbaord

Build & Deploy Integrated AI ChatBots

Empower your App with AI services, like Natural Language processing or Computer vision
Integrate your flow in Tekos Chat or third party messaging apps

Build Viral Conversational Apps for your Customer

Use Tekos Chat app and its features: end to end encryption, authentication system, data analysis with segment, referral system and more

Start services in 2 minutes. Be production ready now.

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