Solve customer queries smartly

Live Chat, SMS, email, WhatsApp, Messenger… handle all your customer support conversations in Team Inbox

Customer support

Tekos Team Inbox is completely cloud-based and works seamlessly in any browser so you can help your customers from anywhere, any time.

Provide your support team with the right tools and make your customers satisfied.

Avoid chaos

Bring all messaging channels into one place. Whether your customer contacts you by email, your company social media, messaging app, or your live chat, you can manage all customer support in Tekos Team Inbox.

With Tekos solution you don’t have to jump between multiple emails and live chat accounts.

Provide faster assistance

Deliver the best customer support. Respond faster and in a more personalized way.

Get notifications instantly into conversation rooms and handle customer requests, questions, and complaints as soon as possible.

Team support

Sharing the workspace helps your team to support each other. When a team member does not know how to deal with a particular issue he can ask for support from his colleagues. By sharing conversation rooms they can learn from others’ experiences and improve customer support.

Bringing the Customer Support team in one place guarantees seamless communications and better problem-solving.

Integrate Tools

Team Inbox is designed to work with Tekos Flow that enables you to create all kinds of automation and integrate your most-used tools like CRMs. Connect your favorites tools to improve workflows and stop hopping between apps.

Increase agent productivity by automating time-consuming tasks and optimizing workflow.

Intuitive interface

Tekos Team Inbox works similar to messaging apps that you are familiar with, but it adds automation and intelligence to help you be more productive and offer better customer support. With a simple chat-like user interface, responding to customer queries would feel familiar and easier.

Knowledge base bot

Give your customers the possibility to find answers to their questions without having to reach out to customer support. Offer easy access to information and resources for all the services and/or products that your company provides by adding a customer care chatbot that is always patient and willing to answer all the frequently asked questions.

Be always available even outside of office hours and in different international time zones.

Team Inbox customer support software comes with live chat integration that helps you reach out to customers who visit your website.

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live chat integration

Give your customer support team right tools so they can deal with issues properly.

And don’t forget – happy customers are loyal customers.

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