Keep teaching remotely

So your students stay up to date with school

Don’t worry about missing information
Teach, communicate, and share resources all in one place

Apprentissage à distance


courses and additional materials for students


knowledge and homeworks

Stay available

to explain difficult topics and encourage with a positive feedback

Tekos Chat is a Great Distance Learning Solution

that you can now use for free

Apprentissage à distance, remote learning, chat

Chat with your students

Chat, share files with a single click, and give feedback with emoticons. Ensure direct contact at any moment and
on every stationary and mobile device.

Instantly message teachers, parents, or students in your school as individuals or groups.

Share updates and announcements in a dedicated public room.

Learn more about Teams Chat

Make video and voice calls

Face-to-face learning without the need to be gathered in the same place!
No matter where you are, with Tekos Chat, you can make video calls, share your screen to get into details, broadcast presentations, and even question students.

Voice Calling lets you call your students for free.
Connect with them anytime everywhere!

Apprentissage à distance, remote learning, video
Business & Teams Chat

Share files

Simply drag and drop files and share them with your students.
Share ready training materials in PDF, video, and many other formats.

Tekos offer you the ability to store files in the cloud and easily search within the app.

Integrate with your favorite educational tools

Integrate your most frequently used software like Google Drive, Edpuzzle, YouTube

Teams Chat integrations

With Tekos Chat distance learning can be as simple and intuitive as in-person

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