Support your online shoppers with Tekos eCommerce Helpdesk & LiveChat

Increase Sales when providing exceptional customer support to your online shoppers

Works with most eCommerce platforms:




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Build your own integration in hours,
or let us do it for you

Key information

Connect your eCommerce and get access to all your customer requests, order details, and conversation history in a single inbox.
Provide your agents with all important data

One Platform, Endless Possibilities

Live Chat

Today, more than 41% of customers expect Live Chat to talk to you in real-time, rather than call you or send emails.
By choosing Tekos’ eCommerce Helpdesk, you give your customers the possibility to get an instant response to the questions they need answering.

Team work

Work as a team with Tekos team inbox. Just mention your teammate’s name to ask for his support in resolving an issue.


Help your shoppers with on-brand, immediate answers
Our AI-powered bot for eCommerce supports your customers whenever they need:

  • Automate up to 80% of repetitive shopper requests
  • Handle seasonal retail spikes
  • Provide 24/7 support to store visitors, chat or social
  • Offer shoppers an easy agent-handoff
  • Because your agents’ time is better spent on more complex, high-value shopper experiences.


Your team has to deal with a lot of queries daily. Automating repetitive tasks helps to save a lot of time.
Tekos Flow is a drag-and-drop editor that enables you to create rules & flexible multi-step processes without coding.

Add a chatbot to your live chat that responds to most of the frequently asked questions and frees your agent’s time.

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