Facebook Messenger Chatbot

How is it useful:

  • Bot improves your contact with clients
  • Automate your responses
  • Easily extendable of new features
  • And much more…

How it works?

In shortcut our tekos servers fetch facebook webhook, process the data and respond as necessary.

We encourage to use dialogflow with every bot you create using tekos.

1. Facebook preparation:

We will need to prepare facebook for webhook and get user creditentials

  1. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps/
  2. Click on “Create app”
  3. Select “Manage Business Integrations”
  4. In the next stop Insert app display name, your contact email and select Clients option under app purpose
  5. Once captcha is done you have a list of products you can add to your app. Scroll down and select messenger by clicking on “set up”
  6. Now you are messenger app settings, scroll down and add new page to menage.
    After it’s done click on generate token save it for later usage.

  7. Scroll a little bit down and add a webhook.
    In the Callback URL paste (https://{your-tekos-domain-name}.tekos.co/redbot/facebook)
    in the Verify token field insert an arbitrary string and also save it for later usage.
    note: tekos domain name is in the link of your tekos flow editor.
  8. Last step is to get app secret token, you can find it under settings > basic. Save it for later usage.

2. Dialogflow preparation (optional):

Checkout this tutorial on how to get access to dialogflow (CLICK HERE)

3. How to start with the flow:

Download our JSON file and import it into your project. (TUTORIAL)

Now all you have to do is configuration of facebook receiver, sender and dialogflow.

Double click on Facebook Receiver and on the pencil icon

You will see bunch of fields you need to fill with data from facebook preparation steps.
Bot name can be whatever you like it to be named.
In the token field insert token you have from step 2.6
In the App secret field insert token you have from step 2.8
In the verify token field insert the same string as in the step 2.7
In the Users field you can list userID of facebook authorized for the ChatBot usage, it can be usefull for testing purposes.

for the facebook sender select the bot on the bot configuration list.

Also for dialogflow configuration checkout tutorial (Click here)

4. Nicely done:

Once everything is set, deploy the changes.

Go to facebook messenger and try out your brand new bot.

Note: You can extend capabilities of your bot by adding Google Vision to it (tutorial)
Note #2: Google Vision isn’t the only possibility. You can do whatever comes to your mind and if you strugle to do it just DM tekos support.

Tekos features

Automated facebook messenger with dialogflow bot



Useful for: Busy people, all team member, Doers, project managers, Anyone with files to share

Tekos Skill level: Intermediate

Prep: Under 15 mins

Result: Messenger bot


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