Jira Notifications

How is it useful:

  • Easily receive notifications from Jira
  • Get the information to the flow, chat, mail, or any service you use
  • Automate process without human interaction

What possibilities it gives to you?

You don’t need to check Jira for new tickets. You will be informed about them in Tekos Chat. You can also send the notification about the ticket to other platforms like Slack, Telegram, Whatsapp and even Messenger.
The possibilities with Tekos Flow are endless. Test out our flows, or create a completely new one. Also feel free to contact us if you have any requests.

Jira webhook preparation:

All you need to do is to create a webhook for the Flow.
To create a webhook:

  1. Go to Jira administration console > System > Webhooks (in the Advanced section).
    You can also use the quick search (keyboard shortcut is .), then type ‘webhooks’.
  2. Click Create a webhook.
  3. In the form that is shown, enter the details for your new webhook. URL: “https://{{tekos_server_instance}}.tekos.co/api/jira/issues/created”
  4. To register your webhook, click Create.

Note: This flow supports only issue created, but you can edit it.

How to start with the flow:

Download the JSON file and import it into your project. (TUTORIAL)

Set your credentials in the first step, you can skip this part if you have done it already (tutorial)

Under the *Set name & avatar node insert preferred data or leave the default name.
You can also change the messages after step 3.

This flow stores app credentials in flow context data. You can have one app for each flow tab, but multiple webhooks for one app.


Nicely done:

Once everything is set, all you need is to deploy the changes and click on the inject node (the second step).

Tekos features

No apps required

Tekos Jira Notification.json


Useful for: Busy people, all team member, Doers, project managers

Tekos Skill level: Beginner

Prep: Under 5 mins

Result: Notifications


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