Grow your business on autopilot

Automate LinkedIn leads generation and focus on closing deals

linkedin automation tool for lead generation

Build an email directory and connect with relevant people With Tekos LinkedIn automation tool

Get started in 10 minutes with ready to use templates. Works with Phantom, Airtable, and Tekos Flow.


Decide who you want to contact and receive 100’s of valid emails.


Review and approve your automatically generated prospects.


Schedule the sending of emails and follow-ups.


More than a simple email finder for LinkedIn.
Tekos automate all the leads generation process so you can focus on closing deals.

Target your ideal customer profile

Simply define your targeting criteria: type of company, location, function, and more.

Tekos bot will find, verify, and save the leads with enriched data, including name, role, company, and emails.

Set automated email campaign

Create personalized prospecting sequences
Personalize your emails, schedule reminders automatically.
Your prospects receive extremely personalized messages using variables and scheduled reminders, depending on whether or not they have replied to one of your emails.

Organize your results

Export your leads to Airtable for easy management. Filter your prospect lists, apply bulk actions.


Our solution is cloud-based which means that you are not obligated to keep your browser open to make it work like for the google extensions. You can run it 24/7 or in your fixed office hours which mimics your behavior


Tekos automation tool mimics human behavior and acts as an extension of your typical daily activities on LinkedIn.

  • set specific action limits on tasks as if a human is manually completing them
  • delay between actions
  • set working hours
  • regularly withdraw your pending invites
Custom tags

You can personalize using names, job roles, company names, industry, or geographic zone.

Or send more personalized messages by adding custom tags

grabbing the attention of prospects with quality content.

Your own IP-address

With Tekos you get a dedicated IP address, so your profile’s activity doesn’t seem suspicious.

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