Sales Automation

How is it useful:

  • Send automated emails, SMS, & perform Actions
  • Auto-update status of your newsletter
  • Easy to manage database

Airtable & Sendinblue preparation:

You can use other types of applications for this flow, but we suggest our tested environment with Airtable and Sendinblue.

Click the link to copy the Airtable base, create an account, and adjust data for your needs.
You will also need an App id & API key.

You can find the app ID by going to 1.1k and selecting the base.
The app ID can be found in the URL in your browser address bar. The URL will look like “ 106“, and the part that begins with “app” is the app ID (appPqRsgYQmpJ4wRQ in this case).

To find your API key, navigate to your account page. On your account overview page, under the API heading, there’s a button that says “Generate API key.”


All you need is an account and API key. The free plan gives you the option to send even 300 mails per day

While logged into your account, click on your name at the top right, then on SMTP & API, or visit this page while logged into your account:


Under the API keys tab, you will find two API keys: one for each version of the API. Use the API v3 version.

save image


Once you have all the data needed to start the configuration of your flow, proceed to the steps below.

How to start with the flow:

Download our JSON file and import it into your project.

Fill the data in the nodes:

1/4 – Set Basic data
– Insert your Sendinblue API key you already got from the previous steps
airtable_api_key – Insert the Airtable API key you already got from the previous steps.
airtable_app_id – Insert the Airtable app id you already got from the previous steps.
table_name – It is the name of the table inside your Airtable base. By default in our flow, it’s named Prospects
max_records – It is the limit of emails being sent in every view, we use 3 views that means the flow will send a max of 75 mails for 25 in each view. You can increase the value.
sender_email – E.g. company email you wish your customer to replay
sender_name – Your name

2/4 – Set the email content
Edit HTML function node to edit the subject of the message, remember it supports personalized data like client name.
Also, you can input your HTML or plain text into 1st, 2nd, 3rd Mail content. When you use HTML remember to add CSS code for better results.

Template node doesn’t support custom data like client name, in that case of use you need function node

3/4- Set email connection (optional)
Configure the node almost the same as every mail client.

4/4 – Set Airtable data (optional)
Similar as in the 1/4 step. Just fill the data with Airtable App id & API key

Steps 3 & 4 are optional for full flow functionality. Without them, you won’t get information if someone replied to your mail
Once you’ve done every step just deploy the flow and enjoy your automated mailing system. Everything is easily editable, you can adjust the flow to your needs.

Version 1.1 – We have added flow to test your mail content.

Automated flow

Download and import JSON file to start

Airtable & Sendinblue workflow


Useful for: Busy people, Doers, Project managers, Anyone with files to share, Sales departament

Tekos Skill level: Advanced

Prep: Under 15 mins

Result: Automated mailing system


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