Send SMS with Nexmo

How is it useful:

  • Send welcome messages
  • Automate the process
  • Keep the conversation going while you are away
  • And much more…

How does it work?

You need to set some of the below parameters for this flow to work. Set them as needed and just send the SMS. You can easily extend the possibilities by connecting this to CRM or any solution in which you need an automated messaging system.

API KEY Your Nexmo API key, shown in your account overview.
API SECRET Your Nexmo API secret, shown in your account overview.
TO The number you are sending the SMS to in E.164 format. For example 447401234567.
FROM The number or text shown on a handset when it displays your message. You can set a custom alphanumeric FROM to better represent your brand if this feature is supported in your country.
TEXT The content of your message. Feel free to get creative, but a ‘Hello World!’ will do just as well.

Summary: Send an SMS using Nexmo in the flow.

Nexmo preparation

Go to the Nexmo settings in the dashboard.

Copy the API key &  API secret and store it for later usage.
Also in the Delivery receipts insert: “https://{{your_tekos_instance}}”, it i used to get the status of the SMS.

How to start with the flow:

Download our JSON file and import it into your project. (TUTORIAL)

First, start with the Nexmo (Send SMS). You can set this node up by double-clicking on it and filling in the parameters below. You’ll find API KEY and API SECRET by clicking on the edit button next to Nexmo Credentials.
Also in Nexmo, you can set text shown in a handset.

For the payload of the message and the recipient, we have added two separate nodes, in which you can set those parameters.

To get the status of the message you have sent, we have prepared a webhook with Nexmo. For now, the output is to debug, but you can use this data to update the status in the database.

Tekos workflow

No apps required

Tekos Nexmo.json


Useful for: Busy people, all team member, Doers, project managers

Tekos Skill level: Beginner

Prep: Under 5 mins

Result: Send SMS


CRM systems, Databases, any solution in which you need automated messaging system.

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