Subscription to a private room

How is it useful:
  • Menage your subscribed clients in the chat
  • Automate the process of administrating the room
  • Keep it going while you are away
  • And much more…

How does it work?

Webhook is basically a trigger that sends data to the flow every time “something” happens. In Stripe, we have various options to set for the trigger like account changes, customer changes, or more complex ones like invoice.created and issuing_dispute.funds_reinstated.

In this flow, we look for  “customer.subscription.created” & “customer.subscription.deleted” whenever someone subscribes to your product in the stripe we create an account for him, invite to the special room managed by the Bot and also send him required credentials for login through the mail. Also whenever this person stops his subscription bot kicks him from the room.

Summary: Connect with your clients in subscription-based room.

Room preparation

Create a new room or use the existing one which will be used as the basis for the flow.
Copy the room ID, you can find in the URL of the website e.g.!

Stripe preparation

For this step, we have created a separate page you can find it HERE
You can skip the import JSON file part and download the JSON from this tutorial straight away.

For this flow, you need to set 2 webhooks. One will receive data about new subscriptions and the second one is responsible for subscriptions cancellation.

  1. URL “https://{{tekos_server_instance}”. Event type: “customer.subscription.created”
  2. URL: “https://{{tekos_server_instance}}”.  Event type: “customer.subscription.deleted”

In addition to that, you need to set the metadata with the room id for the pricing.

  1. Select desired product
  2. Select pricing plan
  3. Edit metadata – enter room_id as the key, Enter the room id you have from Tekos chat (room preparation step)
  4. Copy the pricing API ID and save it for later usage.

How to start with the flow:

Download our JSON file and import it into your project. (TUTORIAL)


  1. Set your credentials in the first step, you can skip this part if you have done it already (tutorial)
  2. Insert room_id from room preparation step in the tutorial. Enter the pricing API ID from Stripe preparation step in the tutorial
  3. Under the *Set name & avatar node insert preferred data or leave the default name.
  4. Edit stripe node – leave method untouched – click on the pen next to the API key enter there Secret key from Stripe and also set the name for this credential
  5. Set your support email from which the credentials for the user will be sent.
  6. Select the same API key name as in step 4. Leave method untouched
  7. Give the invited bot administrator rights in the room settings.

For the Stripe checkout, you can find more information’s here:

Nicely done:

Once everything is set all you need is to deploy the changes and click on the inject node next to first (skip this one if you have done it in the past), second and third step. Now you can wait for some users that will subscribe to your product and trigger the webhook.

You can combine this room with AI to handle automated responses.

Tekos features

Room and bot is required

Tekos Subscription private room.json


Useful for: Busy people, all team member, Doers, project managers, Anyone with files to share

Tekos Skill level: Advanced

Prep: Under 15 mins

Result: Automated administration


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