Whatsapp Bot (with Dialogflow)

How is it useful:

  • Improves your contact with customers
  • Generate leads by interacting with prospects
  • Create bulk messages
  • Provide automated customer support
  • Automate repetitive processes

How does it work?

In shortcut, Tekos servers fetch Twilio webhook, process the data, and respond as necessary.

We encourage you to use Dialogflow with every bot you create using Tekos.

1. Twilio preparation:

We will need to prepare Twilio for webhook and get user credentials

  1. Go to: https://www.twilio.com/console/sms/whatsapp/sandbox
    Under the input box “WHEN A MESSAGE COMES IN” insert link to your webhook,
    it should look like this “https://{your-domain-name}.tekos.co/api/v1/whatsapp”Also save the number bellow for future usage.
  2. Go to: https://www.twilio.com/console/project/settings
    Save the “ACCOUNT SID” & “AUTH TOKEN” for future usage.

2. Dialogflow preparation (optional):

Check out this tutorial on how to get access to Dialogflow (CLICK HERE)

3. How to start with the flow:

Download our JSON file and import it into your project. (TUTORIAL)

Whatsapp in is already configured because of the Twilio webhook preparation step

For Whatsapp Out you need to edit the subflow by double-clicking on it.

twilio_account_sid – Insert your Twilio account sid you have from Twilio preparation steps
twilio_auth_token – Insert your Twilio auth token you have from Twilio preparation steps
twilio_number –  Insert your Twilio WhatsApp message number you have from Twilio preparation steps


Also for Dialogflow configuration checkout tutorial (Click here)

4. Nicely done:

Once everything is set, deploy the changes.

To start testing the bot you need to send to its WhatsApp Number the code provided by Twilio.

Tekos workflow

Automated whatsapp with dialogflow bot



Useful for: Busy people, all team member, Doers, project managers, Anyone with files to share

Tekos Skill level: Intermediate

Prep: Under 10 mins

Result: Whatsapp bot


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