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Au cœur du travail | Slack

Unlimited chat history

6.25€ - 11.75€ / user

Drag & drop Visual App builder
with Tekos Flow


Rule based automation
with Tekos Flow


End-to-end encryption

Guest access

6.25€ - 11.75€ / user

Phone calls and audio conferencing

Meeting recording


Multi-team channels


Custom user tags


Data Stored in Europe


Open Source Messaging Server


Dedicated homersever - own your data
Homeserver subscription


Dedicated Chat Client Interface
Chat Client subscription


Website Widget - talk to your customer on your website


✓ on the Free Plan

Do you feel like Slack doesn’t meet your needs perfectly?

Bring all your conversations into Tekos Chat – our free Slack alternative.

Tekos Community plan is free and matches perfectly the needs of small teams. Communication, file sharing, video meetings, unlimited history – try our free version and decide anytime to switch to the Chat Pro plan (3.9€ per user per month) to get access to all features.
And for any special needs contact our sales team.

Manage the conversations with your website visitors in Tekos Chat. Communicate with them in real-time by simply adding a free website widget. Upgrade to the Flow Pro plan to add your branding, chatbot, automation bot, or switch to a multichannel widget.

Use our free plan as long as you wish or upgrade and take advantage of all Tekos Capabilities. You’ll soon realize that Tekos is more than a simple collaboration platform.
Automate workflows, build bots and conversational apps with Tekos Flow, a low code visual solution, easier and more powerful than Slack solutions.

Visual App Builder & Rule-Based Automation

Build custom apps and integrations in Tekos
Quickly deploy new applications. Tekos messaging and collaboration platform gives you the freedom to build your apps and integrations via the Tekos API. From slash commands and pop-ups to the sidebar and widgets – apps in Tekos have multiple user touchpoints, making them easier to discover and use. Bring together your teammates, their tools and workflows on one platform, and help them to be more productive and efficient.

Decentralized & open-standard messaging protocol

Our messaging system is built on top of Matrix, an open network for secure, decentralized communication delivering a community of users, bridged networks plus full end-to-end encryption.
The system is serverless, distributed, peer-to-peer database that automatically synchronizes databases with peers. Unlike most messaging services, there are no centralized servers or single points of failure that can be compromised or shut down, no matter who asks.

free slack alternative

Seamless collaboration

Our free Slack alternative is provided with all the features you need for effective team collaboration: chat with unlimited history, vide and voice calls, videoconferencing with screen sharing, files sharing and storage.

Create chat rooms divided by team, project, client …
Share your ideas in a public room or use a private room for targeted discussions.
Share rooms with companies and businesses you regularly work with.
Get on a video call within a chat or channel and share your screen to get into details.
All this with a free Chat plan.

Need more reasons to try our free Slack alternative?

Why settle for the user limits that come with the Slack Free plan when you can bring onboard unlimited users on Tekos Chat? Need more features? Upgrade to Tekos Pro plan and pay only for what you need – a great team messenger.

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Free Slack alternative – No compromise on basic features

  • Search chat messages
  • Reactions
  • Presence / who is online
  • Message states
  • Typing indicators
  • Message history
  • Private channels
  • Public channels
  • Query channels
  • Spam & profanity protection
  • User Roles
  • @mentions
  • User invites
  • Mute users
  • Ban users
  • Flag message
  • Custom messages
  • Push notifications
  • Webhooks
  • Unread messages counts
  • Multi language support
  • Security & Legal compliance
  • Custom slash commands (coming soon)
  • Highly available infrastructure
  • React & React native components
  • Giphy integration
  • URL enrichment
  • Video playback
  • Media attachments
  • Fast response times
  • On Premise is available
  • Pinned messages
  • Fully customizable
  • Unlimited message retention
  • Excellent performance and reliability
  • Enterprise SLA
  • Phone support and SAML
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