How to Stay Productive While Working from Home

How to Stay Productive While Working from Home
The growing popularity of working from home

So, by now, this is no new news that post the spread of covid people everywhere around the world have been forced to think of innovative ideas and solutions to somehow get their businesses up and running again.

Thanks to the rise of the digital wave upon us heavily since the dawn of the new millennium, people turned to technology to help them through these dark and unnormal times.

Thus, the phenomenon of working from home grew tremendously popular in the last year and a half, post the virus outbreak.

Although accompanied with many benefits bringing about ease in the lifestyles of the majority of the working-class people, sometimes being confined to the four walls of even your comfort zone can start to take a toll on your mind and physical well-being.

Let’s see how we can break the monotony and stay as productive and efficient as we would have been if we were sitting with our colleagues in our what were busy, chirpy now empty offices.

Make a routine and follow it religiously

One of the biggest challenges that arise on account of working from home is that the boundary between private and professional times of the day can become blur.

For example, at 11 a.m. were you in your actual office you knew that you couldn’t walk up from your desk a few steps and cook yourself a quick lunch whereas working from home that possibility can definitely cross your mind.

Likewise, there are numerous distractions that you could come across while working from home which you generally don’t face in the office setup.

So, it is necessary that you have a well-laid-out schedule for the day. It does not mean you should get to work at 9 a.m. everyday thinking of yourself being in an actual office. It simply means that you need to know what hours of the day you can get the most productivity out of yourself to produce your best work without any distractions and plan your other daily activities around it.

It is true that working from home provides abundant flexibility, but it has to be embodied perfectly in your daily schedule to reap its benefits.

Have a nice work setup

As in the past year, working from home has become the new normal all the stats and data point towards one conclusion that this phenomenon is bound for a long-term stay and deep impact in our lives even post the end of the pandemic.

With the amount of money companies are saving by having their employees work from home, this concept is on its way to permanently be instilled in many large companies’ work culture such as the pioneers, Facebook.

So, if you have just been making do at home with your office work and thinking all this will eventually end and we will be back in our offices, I suggest you think about it once again.

To not only give your best results while working from home but also to make your life easy and hassle-free, you need to have a proper work setup.

Setting up an office table with the necessary accessories such as pens and notepads, a computer with stable internet connectivity, a comfortable cushioned office chair, having decent lighting, no materials lying around to cause any type of distraction; these are just a few key basics for a good work from home setup.

Keep yourself under constant checks

As mentioned earlier, while working from home it is essential to have a planned schedule to keep yourself away from distractions and for the very same reason, it is absolutely necessary to keep checks on yourself when at home.

While on the job at home, there are a number of things running in the background of any household which can cause distractions.

Sometimes when you’re working your eyes ponder over the television and there is some latest piece of news or an interesting game that captures your attention and breaks the concentration. Sometimes it could be that you treated yourself with a heavy lunch. There is no crime committed in any of these above acts, but what would be criminal is to not go back to your work and it is pretty easy not to do it.

This is why keeping constant checks on your work is very helpful.

By having an office collogue ask you about your daily activities, check the progress or you can set up personal checks for yourself with time monitoring, task lists, etc. to remind you to get back to work or to remind you to stop wasting time, to always stay on top of things.

Make the best use of time

Previously whether you lived a mile, ten miles, or 20 away from your office, there was always some time period taken to commute to and fro from the office and we can all agree that by working from home we all get to save that precious time of our lives.

What we choose to do with that extra time is totally up to us.

Spending it productively would be the wisest thing to do such as getting a head start on your daily work tasks, getting groceries, doing the chores, etc. Although spending it to do leisure activities wouldn’t be the worst idea either like having a lavish breakfast, catching up on morning television, etc.

Either way we choose, the commute time that we save by working from home should eventually help us in reaching our work-life balance and enhance it even further because for so many of us it is something so intangible and unrealistic to achieve.

Maintain social life decorum

Once we have established the fact that we are going to be working from home it does not mean we break our social decorum.

We mustn’t forget the basic responsibilities we owe to ourselves as human beings. This involves waking up early in the morning, brushing your teeth, grooming, taking a bath, wearing a clean set of clothes, eating breakfast all before finally sitting down to begin your morning scheduled work hours.

Just because we are working from home, doesn’t mean we wake up as we prefer and in our night suits switch on our PCs jumping off straight to work. People following such routines lack motivation at work and experience shorter and quicker burnouts as they find themselves working all day without high-efficiency levels and yielding poor results.

Communication and collaboration

Being a remote worker, the next point is probably the important one in the entire list.

When in the comfort of our homes there may be occasions when we are only worried about our work, tasks, and missions so much so that we tend to forget that we are still a part of a well-oiled functioning unit that needs to constantly communicate, brainstorm and collaborate with each other in order to produce best results and ensure the smooth running of the company.

To help such remote workers and work from home employees, there are a number of products or team collaboration platforms to help people communicate with rich interactive texting, audio calling, and video conferencing, all-in-all, to work together.

Tools and Apps

With the growing popularity of remote workers and work from employees, a new market has emerged in a few short years to cater to the needs of such workforces. From startups to large corporations, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and solidify their foothold in this emerging market.

With this in mind, you as a work from home employee can take full advantage of it and explore tools to execute tasks that were previously done with old, ancient techniques and methods.

For example assigning tasks, creating workflows, managing projects, generating leads, developing codes, providing customer service– whichever niche your business is positioned in, in today’s extraordinary times there is a digital tool or an app to solve any or all problems.

Take care of your health

This advice will surely be the simplest to remember of all the ones listed but might be the most difficult to follow for many people.

When we are working from home, especially the majority of those in the prime of their lives, attempting to build successful careers, at times, we forget the difference between home and office.

Cooped in our houses for days at a stretch, both working and living, will prove to be very unhealthy.

If you are a work-from-home employee, you need to motivate yourself to include exercise time, walking/jogging time, and hobbies into your everyday workaday life.

Additionally, maintaining a healthy and substantial food intake is also a key part of taking care of your health and should not be neglected. Plan your meal timings in accordance with the work hours coupled with a few physical activities to stay productive not only to succeed in your new work from home role but in the overall walk of life.

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