We build Apps & Backend Systems on Node-Red

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Our Professional Expert Team of seasoned apps & bots makers will work with you directly to take your app from idea to reality. They’ve help built and deployed apps ranging from Fortune 500 companies to local businesses.

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Why Us?

You may need the strong experience that we have in building Apps, including node-red apps
We are a startup and we know how to build & iterate on businesses
You believe in Low Code software development, like we do

Digital Innovation comes in many forms.
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Technology Architecture & Specifications

We listen to your ideas and requirements and we design the business & the technical specifications


Easing businesses into the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to amplify their net impact to customer and employee


We build highly affordable custom Bots Apps that helps your business save time and money, make your work more efficient and improve your customer’s experience.

Platforms & Systems Integration

Developing solutions that connect your marketing, sales & operations technologies together via scalable and reliable methods

What you need?


Virtual Assistant, Live Chats…
Be present on your customer’s Messaging Platforms.
Improve your customer’s user experience.
Be always available.
Save time, save money!


Save time and money by automating tasks.
Improve your workflow.
Tekos Flow integrates 3rd party applications using APIs to automate workflows or build chatbots.


VIP Flow Support
Expert Setup & Development
Tekos Studio Consulting Services - we are here to assist you in the creation and deployment of your perfect bot.


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