General Conditions of Affiliation

To become an affiliate you must be a payed Tekos customer. If it is a case, simply complete the registration form available here and complete the following conditions. 

It is absolutely necessary that every affiliate adheres to ethical and legal rules by promoting Tekos

Especially :

1- If you have one or more sites, they must not contain any illegal, pornographic, racist or defamatory content.

2- Your (or your) site (s) must not infringe any copyright law by illegally reproducing content that does not belong to you.

3- Under no circumstances should you use spam (unsolicited e-mail) or any other questionable marketing process to promote our subscriptions and programs.

4- You can not earn an affiliate commission on a program you have purchased yourself: whether in your own name or on behalf of your company.

5- Be transparent and authentic – We will treat your prospects with respect  

Failure to comply with the rules set out above will result in the loss of the affiliate’s rights to its commissions.

We reserve the right to terminate this Agreement at any time, at your discretion, if your site or promotional behavior is deemed inappropriate for the Affiliate Program (deterioration of Tekos image…).


The Affiliate earns a commission on sales made and confirmed via his affiliate link.

20% on each subscription sale, calculated on the tax included amount.

The Affiliate receives the monthly or annual commission for as long as the “godson” and himself remains a payed customer of Tekos.

The Affiliate understands and agrees that does not guarantee that an Affiliate will earn a specific amount of commission and certifies that no claim will be made in this regard.


Please, read the full terms and conditions of affiliation below.

Affiliation – General conditions of affiliation

1: Contract 

These general conditions of affiliation (referred to as GCA) exclusively apply to present and future commercial relations existing between the website, owned by the company Digi Technologies SASU, domiciled at 14 rue de Montmorency , 93200 Saint Denis (the Company) and the business partner (the Affiliate).

The Company offers an affiliate program. It provides the Affiliate with a tool and an online service allowing the establishment of hyperlinks (links) between the site (s) of the Affiliate and the Company site. These links allow users to be redirected to the Company site and purchase products.

The links also make it possible to follow informally the actions of the Internet users on the site of the Company, in particular the purchases. In return for the sales made, the Company remunerates the Affiliate on the basis of a commission on sales made through these links.

The Affiliate can use as many links as he wishes on the site (s) he submits to the approval of the Company.

The Company may amend these GCA at any time subject to these changes appear on the website and notify the Affiliate by email. 

The Company reserves the right to reject in a discretionary manner any request for partnership without having to justify its decision.

The Company reserves the right at any time, without compensation and without having to justify its decision, to suspend or delete the links or even the account of the Affiliate if it does not respect the image of Tekos or does not respect the commercial principles of Digi Technologies SASU. The Affiliate adheres to these GCA, without restriction or reservation, by simply registering as an Affiliate Partner. If the user of this affiliate service does not accept these GCA, he is asked to not to use the services offered by the Company. The affiliate can consult simply, freely and at any time the GCA on the site of the Company.


2: Affiliate Quality

To be eligible for the affiliate program, the Affiliate must be himself a payed customer of

Exceptions can be considered. In any case, the Company reserves the right to accept or refuse the quality of affiliate.


3: Amount of commission

The commission of the Affiliate is fixed at 20% of the sales. Purchases made by the Affiliate do not give rise to commission. 

The commission is calculated based on the amount of the first sale made by customers who have previously clicked on an affiliate link.


 4: Firm sales

Given the possibility for the customers of the Company to give up their orders, within fourteen clear days from the delivery of the products, sales will be deemed firm until the end of this period.


5: Payment of commissions

The commissions will be paid once a month by transfer or via Paypal. The amount of affiliation fees paid to Affiliates appears on the affiliate platform.

It is the responsibility of the Affiliates to respect the social and fiscal rules of their country of residence, in particular regarding the declaration of resources.

In no event shall Digi Technologies SASU ( be held liable for any irregularities or infringements committed by Affiliates.

Any exchange costs are the responsibility of the Affiliate.


6: Fraud

The Affiliate recognizes the Company’s full ability to evaluate sales and calculate commissions through the Tekos affiliate system. The Affiliate trusts the Company for sales control, fraud detection, canceled orders, off-contract products, and commission definition.

At the request of the Affiliate, the Company may send him a document showing the method of calculating commissions established by him and whose rates are not negotiable. Any fraud will result in the immediate and definitive closure of the Affiliate’s account and the non-payment of the commission. The Affiliate will have access in real time to his statistics (clicks, transformations, payments …) from the affiliation section of the platform. The Company is available to the Affiliate for any questions regarding statistics.


7: Duration of the contract 

The contract between the Affiliate and the Company is concluded for an indeterminate  period. Either party may terminate after sending an email at any time, without compensation.


8: Property

All elements (texts, photos, slogans, technical elements …) available to the Affiliate remain the property of the Company. Contact information and information about customers from the Affiliate are also the exclusive property of the Company. The Affiliate has no rights to this data.


9: Modification of the internet site

Any change in the name of the site as well as any change in its location, its size, its purpose, its frequency of update, will have no effect on the affiliation contract.


10: Protection of personal data

All the personal data that the Affiliate entrusts to the seller are so that they can manage the affiliation. 

The Affiliate may receive proposals or be informed of the offers of the Company or offers of its partners by e-mail or telephone. If he does not wish it, it is enough for him to specify it by writing to the salesman (by indicating name, first name, address). By joining GCA, the Affiliate acknowledges having read Tekos’ privacy policy and agrees that the Company collect and use this data.


11: Responsibilities

Digi Technologies SASU ( can not be held responsible for the non-performance of the contract concluded in case of break of service, force majeure, flood, fire. Digi Technologies SASU can not be held responsible for damages other than those caused directly by him. Under no circumstances will Digi Technologies SASU be required to indemnify the Affiliate for any operating, profit or chance loss.


12: Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These GCA are subject to French law. All disputes relating to the commercial relationship between the Affiliate and the Company are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts.

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