Our platform enables companies to launch Apps with minimum effort and maximum effect & flexibility.

Build Conversational App on the top on Tekos  Chat platform, a fully managed chat & automation infrastructure.
Visual Drag & Drop Editor

Build your app with no coding skills using a Visual Flow Editor – the most powerful visual editor ever. Create your bot in the blink of an eye!

Create intellingent conversational apps faster and easier with Tekos visual chatbot builder. No coding required. A true what you see is what you get experience.

Connect Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services

Brands now need to move at the speed of the customer – which means rapid response and fast resolution with low customer effort.
Fortunately, next-gen technology can fill in the gaps to better meet customer demands. And the Conversational Bot is an excellent first step on your path to digital transformation.

Affiliate and referral tracking

Tekos integrates a simple way to set up affiliate and referral programs with Stripe.
Just connect your account and start tracking referrals, discounts, and commissions!

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Tekos messaging and collaboration platform Integrate your favorite
Endless possibilities
Extend Functionalities with APIs & custom functions

With visual chatbot builder easily integrate your favorites apps to your Tekos workspace to improve your workflow. Connect data from all your applications to create a great user experience. Your team can choose the platform you’re designing for, design custom conversation flows, define and configure external integrations and analyze user behavior.

Collect Payments

Your Bot can take payments for you. Simply connect a payment processor, like Stripe, provide some basic information to Tekos.

Key Features Include:

  •  Set amount and currency to charge
  •  Make payment part of the conversation flow
  •  If successful payment, branch to deliver different content
  •  Tekos takes no portion of the payment
Human Handover

Take the reigns from your bot when it can’t seem to handle a difficult conversation. Easily switch over from bot to human and vice – versa

Schedule Appointments

Connect Tekos Flow to your Google Calendar via Calendly, and your Bot can offer appointment slots to your visitors so they can schedule an appointment on the fly, without the need for any human intervention, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Collect & Analyse User Events & Interactions

Tekos platform gives bot-builders the opportunity to integrate 3rd party analytics platforms with their bot. This offers advanced reporting on users, engagement, retention, demographics, sentiment analysis and more.
Use Google Tag Manager to manage tags (such as measurement and marketing optimization JavaScript tags) on your App.

Powered by Segment.com & Google Tag Manager, Dashbots

Tekos Flow manages the major messaging channels so you can focus on your customers
Multi Channel & 3rd Party Messaging Connectors

Tekos Flow integrates with the major messaging channels so you can focus on your customers. Connect to a variety of channels using our dashboard. Always have support for any messaging channel feature you may need, and let Tekos handle the rest.

Build Chatbot Apps on Tekos Chat

No compromise  on basic features

✓ Free 7-day trial     ✓Easy setup     ✓Cancel anytime

  • Search chat messages
  • Reactions
  • Presence / who is online
  • Message states
  • Typing indicators
  • Message history
  • Private channels
  • Public channels
  • Query channels
  • Spam & profanity protection
  • User Roles
  • @mentions
  • User invites
  • Mute users
  • Ban users
  • Flag message
  • Custom messages
  • Push notifications
  • Webhooks
  • Unread messages counts
  • Multi language support
  • Security & Legal compliance
  • Custom slash commands (coming soon)
  • Highly available infrastructure
  • React & React native components
  • Giphy integration
  • URL enrichment
  • Video playback
  • Media attachments
  • Fast response times
  • On Premise is available
  • Pinned messages
  • Fully customizable
  • Unlimited message retention
  • Excellent performance and reliability
  • Enterprise SLA
  • Phone support and SAML