From concept to launch – the perfect project management tool.


Bring all your marketing staff in one place and share the ideas in real time conversation channels.

Create rooms for specific topics and projects.

Need to share some confidential information? Simply create a private room.

Use voice or video calls or share your screen for more detailed conversations


Automate and optimize your workflow by integrating your favorites marketing tools.

Track all important data from key sales systems you are using – get notifications instantly into conversation rooms.

Get real-time updates from your social media.


With Tekos flow easily create your custom chatbot that will help your marketing team by:

  • Studying the market by communicating with your customers directly from your website, social media or messaging apps.
  • Discovering what consumers want and sending offers and promotions to their messaging channels they are using every day.
  • Generating more leads by connecting them faster to your content
  • Getting the feedback from your customers

Tekos Chat is perfect for any team size!

Even if you are an entrepreneur who works alone you can take advantage of Tekos Chat to automate your workflow, receive notifications and manage problems more quickly, respond more quickly to your customers’ requests, create chatbots that will take care of a large part of your repetitive tasks.

And why not create the room #mygreatideas where you could write down all the good ideas to move your business forward 😉

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