Announcements room

How is it useful:

  • keep your team informed without disturbing their work
  • broadcast news
  • inform about important updates
  • wish happy birthdays 🎉😀

How to create an announcements room?

Go to the rooms list menu. Hover over the plus icon and select Create new room. 

Don’t forget to add your team members 😉


To avoid general chatter and leave the space for the most important information, you can manage posting permissions.

Go to room settings Roles & Permissions and select roles required to post a message in the Announcements room.

Tekos features

No apps required

Tekos Skill level: Beginner

Prep: Under 5 mins

Useful for: Busy people, all team member, Doers, project managers, Anyone with files to share

Result: Everyone informed about important news


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