Let your team members know your status

It’s a great way to:

  • let your team members know your availability
  • keep others informed when you may be slow to respond
  • inform when you are out of the office, on vacation, or working remotely
  • share your mood of the day

How to set status?

Click on your photo or avatar next to the message composer to display the status box. Write your message – you can have fun pasting emojis in place of text or mixing the two of them.


If it don’t work, go to general settingslabs and enable Custom user status messages.

People love emojis 😆👍️🏝️👋💻️☕️💪 so don’t hesitate to use them! Just pick an emoji from the message composer, copy and paste it.

Clear or change 

To make a change or to clear your status, simply repeat the operation and follow the instructions.

Tekos features

No apps required

Tekos Skill level: Beginner

Prep: Under 5 mins

Useful for: Busy people, all team member, Doers, project managers, Anyone with files to share



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