Video conferencing & screen sharing

Connect with your team, partners, and customers at any time, from any place on all devices with Tekos Video Conferencing.

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Bring Collaboration to lifeΒ 

Explore all the features of Tekos Video Conferencing.Β 

Join video conference in one click

No downloads or registration for guests.
It’s as simple as clicking the meeting link.
Join online meetings, and collaborate across any device.

teams chat for seamless collaboration
Tekos Video Conferencing, screen sharing

Share your screen

Present your ideas easily, resolve questions faster.
Give live presentations to all your collaborators.
Do online trainings for your team.
Or take a head-to-head coffee break with your remote team πŸ™‚


Record your meetings so you don’t miss a word.
Record, download, playback, and share.
With Tekos video conferencing you’ll never miss a meeting again.

Tekos Video Conferencing, record meetings
Business & Teams Chat, Tekos Video Conferencing


Work nicely with Tekos Team Chat – a virtual collaboration space.
Messaging, voice and video calls, online meetings, screen sharing, files sharing, integrations, and a powerful visual app builder – all tools in one place.


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Shareable link

Join a meeting easily anytime, anywhere, from any device by following a link.
Share your custom link to invite meeting members.

Tekos Video Conferencing
Tekos Video Conferencing with chat


Contribute to the video meeting silently with chat. Give your feedback with emojis.

In today’s world, you need to be able to work and videoconference wherever you are.
It’s possible with Tekos Chat and Video Conferencing solution, a cost-effective and full-featured tool for remote communication, designed for any organization size.

Prebuilt widget

Add video calls in minutes

<script src=""></script>
  callFrame = window.DailyIframe.createFrame();
  callFrame.join({ url: '' });

With only a few lines of code, embed a video call widget. Fully working video chat with prebuilt features like screen sharing, chat, and recording.

Start Video Conferencing now for free

Video meetings with your team and clients

Available as web, desktop, and mobile app

In the browser or as a mobile app – just choose your favorite work device.

For all kinds of meetings

Information sharing, decision making, problem solving, workshops, interviews, negotiations…

Up to 75 people per call

A head-to-head meeting or a group videoconference. Up to 75 people per call with the possibility to extend to 200 people. No need to leave your place – connect with everyone you need in a few clicks.

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