Automate your business with the power of low code

Add automation into Team Inbox to increase your productivity.
Build tailored process automation app from scratch or start with one of our ready-to-use templates.


Deliver your business process automation app in few weeks or even days and reduce financial costs.

Connect Apps & Objects & Automate Workflows

Create complex workflows spanning across multiple apps in minutes. Add delay, conditional logic, format data, and do much more.
Send notifications to Tekos Chat

Integrate AI Services

Empower your App with AI services, like Natural Language Processing or Computer vision. Control them using a powerful dashboard.

Build & Deploy Integrated AI ChatBots

Empower your App with AI services, like Natural Language Processing or Computer vision.
Integrate your flow in Tekos Chat or third-party messaging apps.

Build Viral Conversational Apps for your Customer

Use Tekos Chat app and its features: end-to-end encryption, authentication system, data analysis with segment, referral system, and more

More than simple integrations!

Tekos Flow enables you to create automated multistep workflows with logic and AI services that you can modify at any time and adapt to your changing needs.

Everyone has ideas, but can they turn them into reality?

A low-code process automation platform enables both technical professionals and citizen developers to create high-impact enterprise apps.

Need help?

Hire a professional Tekos Studio app maker to build your Apps!

We help companies build new products and services around Mini Apps & Bots through our rapid prototyping service. Build, measure, and learn.

Our team of seasoned apps & bots makers will work with you directly to take your app from idea to reality. They’ve help built and deployed apps ranging from Fortune 500 companies to local businesses.

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